Welcome to Night Picker

The culinary companion for gourmets. The affordable business tool for the world of food, media, and city-tourism.

Our Vision & Mission

To gather food-lovers and food people over bite-sized videos and an ethical, inclusive culinary marketplace.

To discover the stories behind our food and food scenes, and the people and places who make them special.

To be able to book tables, order food, and contact merchants directly, without adding to their costs.

To reduce waste and closures, in and around the restaurant industry, and promote local trade - everywhere.

Passionate, dedicated, award-winning professionals: retailers, restaurateurs and industry activists, filmmakers, technical wizzards and storytellers, all avid food-lovers committed to sharing the cultures, traditions, skills and history in and around restaurants.

We believe


that communities are built on the love of and accessibility to food,

that the health of our societies lean on the food chain that food people keep moving, and the employment their businesses provide.

That food is love and service is care, and that food people are gourmet guides to our soul.

That good old fashioned commerce can fix a mutlitude of business breaks.

That food-tourism is about to eat the world,

and that food-tourists are simply food-loving locals with luggage.

We believe in the power of storytelling, the power of food, and the power of people.

Welcome to Night Picker - new and recycled, curated and self-filmed food-media.

About Us

Industry Activist, Restaurateur, TV Host & Producer. 
Technical Expert, Food TV Host & Producer, Gourmet Cook. 
Culinary Entrepreneur, TV Host & Producer, Restaurant Industry Champion
Owner of Pizza al Taglio & Boulangerie Italienn. TV Host. 
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             JULIE GUYARD                           MIKE CAHILL                       WAEL KABBANI                 NICOLAS VUILLAUME
         Ex-Retail Exec, Entrepreneur                   Industry-leading IT Engineer                 Award-winning Filmmaker                Partnership-maker - France