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A Media-Marketplace Hybrid

dedicated to dining & its people

Night Picker is a free,

sales platform agnostic Marketing tool, changing

how Restaurants build their brand and their business 

and how diners pick what & where to eat:

At-Home, In-Restaurant - Home & Abroad 

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The Night Picker App 

  • Magnifies your existing social media efforts

  • Targets diners better than Instagram/Facebook

  • Engages your existing social media followers

  • Promotes Restaurant people, places, food & culture

  • Expands your reach & revenue with prepared meals, fresh produce, and pantry products for at home consumption

  • Links of the sales platform of your choice

  • Free for participating Restaurants

  • A unique platform to reach diners, food tourists, and food show fans

The short-format, video-sharing channel
Self-post bite-sized videos
Video formats: mp4, 3gp, flv, mov. 
Duration: up to 5 minutes
File size: Maximum 500 MB

PANTRY - The Home Meal Marketplace  Restaurant prepared meals, Gourmet Meal Kits
Premium Pantry Products 
Formats: mp4, 3gp, flv, mov. 
Duration: up to 1 minute
File size: Maximum 60 MB
Direct diners to the .com/platform of your choice

EAT - The Restaurant Marketplace 

Daily Dishes, Culinary Experiences

Formats: mp4, 3gp, flv, mov. 

Duration: up to 1 minute

File size: Maximum 60 MB

Direct diners to the .com/platform of your choosing

Choose how you film 

  • Self-film

  • Use a video tool

  • Use a Professional

Free for Restaurants

  • No fees

  • No commissions

  • No forced reductions

Choose where you post​



  • All the above!

Direct diners to:

  • Your .com

  • Booking Platform

  • Delivery Platform

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